It’s never fun to be the odd kid out. You want to participate in group events or activities, but maybe don’t have the necessary items to do so. Because of this, you do what you can with what you got so not to be left out of the celebration. The best part about that is when your efforts get the appreciation you were hoping for! This is exactly what happened for a young University of Tennessee fan!

A boy in Florida wore a t-shirt he had handmade to celebrate his school’s “College Colors Day.” He didn’t have any fan apparel for his favorite team, the University of Tennessee Vols. Because of this, he drew the UT logo on a piece of paper which he had pinned to his orange shirt. While he was proud to show off his team colors, other kids at school had started to bully him for the shirt design. UT had caught wind of this and not only sent him a gift box, but created a shirt with his design and began selling it! The boy was elated once he found out. Even better, the proceeds went to the STOMPOutBullying organization.

What are the most inspiring ways that you’ve seen people stick up for those being bullied?

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