We often refer to karma as something good happening to someone who does a good deed, while the opposite coming to someone bad. But in either event, it’s really about being taught a lesson.
Karen Vinacour learned that earlier this month after stiffing her waiter out of the tip at Patsy’s Pizzeria in New York City because she, apparently, didn’t like his response to a question.
As she departed the restaurant, Vinacour left behind her life savings in a cashiers check valued at $424,000. Rather than tossing it, Armando Markaj, the 27-year-old med student and server, gave the check to his boss.
Thanks to help from the Daily News, Vinacour was reunited with her money. She admits not tipping “wasn’t her best moment,” and offered to give Markaj what he was due. He declined.
Is there ever a reason to skip tipping? What do you normally leave as a tip?

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