(WHBC) – The rumors have been around nearly as long as the lake itself.

Is there a creature living in the water at Sippo Lake?

Stark Parks hopes to have a definitive answer to that question soon.

“There are some grainy photos out there of what might be interpreted as a long neck or a tail in the waters,” said Education Manager Dave Pildner.

“And there are stories of something being spotted in the water on April 1st in previous years.”

He says much like Nessie in Scotland’s Loch Ness, people have named Sippo Lake’s mysterious creature Sippie.

So does he believe in Sippie?

“Well, you never know, but our naturalists, who know their stuff really well say such a creature couldn’t really exist in a lake like Sippo Lake.”

But he went on to say, with all the rumored sightings, you just never know.

Pildner is encouraging people to sign up for the education program ‘What Lurks In Sippo Lake: Investigating Sippie‘ which will be held on Monday, April 1st when maybe, just maybe, the mystery will finally be solved.