Ohio is 28.6 million acres of diverse landscapes, bustling cities and productive farmland. Prices for land ownership in Ohio are generally lower than the national average, which makes owning real estate in the state very lucrative. Who owns the most land in Ohio?

3. The Nature Conservancy – 1,000 Acres

A non-profit with their headquarters in Virginia, The Nature Conservancy bought 1,000 acres of wooded areas of Ohio. The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1915 and works with governments, businesses and landowners. Focused on it’s goal of conserving natural spaces, The Nature Conservancy owns land in every state and 70+ countries. The Nature Conservancy has helped conserve 120,000,000 acres of land.


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2. Bill Gates – 9,000 acres

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Bill Gates has been buying farmland in Ohio for a while and he’s accumulated quite a bit. Gates is the largest owner of farmland in Ohio and in the US as a whole. He owns 268,000 acres across the nation, including 20,000 in Nebraska, 50,000 in Arkansas and 70,000 in Louisiana. In an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, Gates claimed the purchase of all the farmland is to help make farms “more productive” and “to create jobs”.

1. Escanaba Timber 150,000 acres

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By far the largest private owner of land in Ohio, Escanaba Timber is based in Michigan and operates timber farms and tracts. They also produce paper, furniture and other wood products. Topping the list of who owns the most land in Ohio, Escanaba Timber made the major purchase of 150,000 acres of woods in Southeast Ohio in 2005.

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