Most gals have been planning their wedding since they were a little girl, and it seems one young woman has taken things a bit too far on that end. A gal recently shared a story of a friend who sent her an RSVP to her wedding, even though she isn’t even engaged yet.

According to the friend, around New Years the bride did a fake fortune game on Facebook that told her she was going to get married this year, and apparently that was enough to set her plans in motion. The friend notes, “She messaged me on Instagram today to RSVP for a ‘special event’ on Zola, which is when I realized she’s really been planning her wedding!” The friend says she sent a text to the friend, assuming her longtime boyfriend finally proposed, but was left “confused” when she realized the proposal hasn’t actually happened yet.

As for how folks on the Internet feel about the situation, not as many people think the bride is all that crazy. While some noted, “Does this poor man know he is getting married?,” others suggested it isn’t all that far-fetched, noting the boyfriend may actually know it’s happening.
“We started planning our wedding about six months before we got engaged, not everyone takes a linear path,” one person shared, while another suggested, “They have discussed their plans like adults and are planning, but he wants to surprise her with a formal proposal.”
One thing people do seem to agree on is that the bride took things a big too far by sending out RSVPs. “Planning a wedding before an engagement isn’t a big deal, if both people are on board,” one said. “But already asking guests to RSVP to an ‘event’ is the weird part here!”


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