There are just some snacks that you have to go the extra mile for (in in some cases, airplane trip)! When I was a kid and my folks took my brother and I to the Philippines to visit family, they had this brand of BBQ chips literally just called “Chippy.” I swear, those were instantly my favorite snack! I could not stop eating them. But coming back to the states, I was at a loss because they weren’t around here. Sometimes, you just gotta get creative in obtaining your particular snack!

For Emily Mei and her friends in Korea, Hot Cheetos are that snack!  Mei was trying to satisfy her friend’s spicy chip cravings by putting 20 bags of Hot Cheetos in her carry-on bag, which made TSA suspicious.  In a video that has received over 1.7 million views, a TSA agent is seen pulling bags of the cheesy chips out of Mei’s carry-on bag one by one and making sure they hadn’t been tampered with or altered. “Will never forget the day TSA stopped me cuz they thought I was hiding s__t inside my bag cuz all I had was like 20 bags of Hot Cheetos,” Mei captioned the video. Check out her Twitter feed, @emilyghoul1, to see the clip!

What extremes have you gone to for your friends? What is the one snack food that you can’t live without?

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