Working From Home
Young woman sitting at table looking at her laptop and drinking coffee. Female using laptop at home.

Because of the coronavirus I am now working from home and doing my show in my dining room.  I know working from home is common now, so many people are doing that.  But it definitely poses some new challenges.

Of course, there’s some absolute perks to working from home!  I don’t have to get up as early because I don’t have to worry about looking presentable at the office!  But I was talking with a friend of mine who is also working from home and we realize we both dread a video call before early afternoon because neither of us is taking a shower til much later!  So basically, if you decide to do a video chat with me and I don’t answer, it’s most likely because I haven’t showered yet.  All I can think of is that we all need a morning mask like the Jetsons!

The Jetsons were so ahead of their time!

So how is working from home going for you?  I do find there are distractions, although not what I thought would be distracting.  I’m not watching nearly as much TV as I was afraid I would!  Although the 2:00 press conferences with the governor are definitely compelling!  I haven’t yet played Wine with Dewine because I’m afraid I will be drunk by 2:15…

In theory, my house should be spotless, my garage should be completely organized, I should have plenty of clothes that I don’t wear ready to be donated when we can do that again and I should be in great shape from having more time to exercise.  In reality…well….not really.

What I find is that I spend a lot more time on my computer.  It’s amazing how quickly a few hours can go by!  So I have to find a way to move more.  THAT has become the real challenge!

What is your challenge with working from home?