They say before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Following this sage advice, a writer for Food & Wine picked up a bottle of red and a Pringles can in an effort to recreate the viral sensation from over the weekend.
If you were paying attention to the news, you probably heard a woman was busted at a Walmart for imbibing from the potato chip container, which earned her a ban at the shopping giant’s stores.
But does it work? Turns out, very much so, according to Mike Pomranz, who notes that the Pringles can holds the exact volume as a bottle of wine.
Pomranz suggests that you don’t even need to start by washing out the chip residue before pouring your bottle and you won’t have to worry much about leakage, as the can is surprisingly watertight.

What steps have you tried to conceal your alcohol in public?

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