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Java Joel

Java Joel’s been a fixture of the Northeast Ohio radio airwaves for over 15 years. Java arrived in Cleveland back in 2006 after stints in NY, Chicago & Montreal Canada. Dude is a bonafide radio FREAK. He’s been wanting to do this since he was just six years old. In addition to his radio shows, Java hosted the “This Week In The 80s” podcast – where he discussed every song to ever hit the American pop music charts in the 1980s- Over 4,000 of them! (Go get it wherever you get your podcasts!)

When he’s not being a goofball and sharing his sometimes unpopular opinions on the radio… he’s hanging out with his wife, Rachele and their 9 year old son, Charley. And their cat… Lovingly called “Kitty No Tail” – since, well… she has no tail. She was born that way, we’re told.

Listen to Java weekdays from 2 ’til 6. And give him a call – He wants to put YOU on the radio! 330-450-9400.

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