It’s not unusual for a groom to be bowled over by his partner on their wedding day, but one bride found a way to leave her new hubby stunned at their reception, but in a good way. Jamie and Charlie Forbes recently tied the knot in South Carolina and she used the toast to reveal that she’s expecting their first child.

The couple from Charlotte, North Carolina has been trying to start a family and when Jamie found out she was expecting before their wedding, she kept the good news to herself for about a month until the big day. Then at their wedding reception, she surprised her groom and their wedding guests with the big announcement that she’s two months pregnant.

In a video of the touching moment, Jamie gives Charlie a present and tells him to please accept this gift and that “it’s the most precious thing I will give you.” When he opens it, there’s a framed photo of a sonogram inside and he has an emotional moment as he realizes he’s going to be a dad.

The groom and their loved ones were thrilled by the surprise baby announcement and Charlie says, “It was the shock of a lifetime, but a good shock.”

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