‘Dancing With the Stars’ returns September 16th and the cast was just announced this morning. As was rumored, Bachelorette Hannah Brown will be competing as well as Ray Lewis and Lamar Odom. Of those last two I’m guessing Ray Lewis will stick around longer. Football players usually do very well on the show. Basketball players have a tougher time because of how tall they are. When you get into the faster dances the basketball players have a hard time getting their long limbs moving as fast as they need to. Another contestant will be James Van Der Beek. That may be interesting because I never thought he was much of a dancer but he may surprise us. Mary Wilson of the Supremes is also going to be dancing. She is 75 years old and this is going to be quite a physical challenge for her! The training regimen is pretty extreme so it will be interesting how she handles it. I think one of the most interesting casting choices is the ageless Christie Brinkley! The woman is 65 years old but you’d never know it! She’s currently starring as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway. I will be very interested to see how she does!

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