(WHBC) – The Stark County Sheriff’s Office will soon be taking over functions of the dog warden’s office.

Commissioner Janet Creighton says the move will give taxpayers more bang for their buck.

“Right now, our dog wardens do not have any ability other than picking up the dog, and if somebody doesn’t have a license, to cite them, but they have no other jurisdiction,” she said on Canton’s Morning News.

She says sheriff’s deputies have much more law enforcement abilities, which will translate into better enforcement of laws concerning dogs.

She says the move allows for more power to seize and impound stray dogs, and to seek the seizure of an animal that’s being treated inhumanely.

The change takes effect on March 1st.

Current dog wardens will have to reapply for their jobs. Will get their jobs back?

“I will not speak for the sheriff, but knowing him I am sure that some sort of continuity would be important to him as he takes on this new role on March 1st,” Creighton said.

Meantime, she says, due to the frigid weather, dog tags that were due on Thursday will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, meaning if you get your dog tags or send in the money by the new deadline you won’t be fined $14.

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