Well, if Luke needed closure, I believe he got it last night. If we hadn’t had enough of the guy throughout this season we sure got a ton last night! The Men Tell All should have been called Luke Tries to Redeem Himself. It was truly the Luke P Show last night. But this time we got closure because not only did he have to face the guys (and they didn’t give an inch), he had to face Hannah. And she was MAD! She let him have it. I will give him credit for even showing up because he had to know it was going to be brutal. However, maybe he thought he was actually going to talk his way out of it. Chris Harrison did ask if he would change anything and he said, no, so it seems like he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. Before Luke and the guys came out we did get to see the rose ceremony that he crashed and IT WAS WORTH IT! He just showed up, unbeknownst to Hannah. The other 3 guys thought he was just showing up like they were. When Hannah walked out she hit the roof. He wanted his say and she wouldn’t give it to him. He had brought a ring with him and was ready to propose. I think the best part was when she picked up the table holding the roses and walked around him and set it down. That’s when the other 3 guys stepped in and told Luke to leave. It really looked like it was going to get physical (which would probably not have worked out in Luke’s favor seeing as how there were 3 of them and they’re all bigger than he is). He finally walked away. We still don’t know how the rest of the rose ceremony went. We have to wait til next week for that. But it was definitely satisfying to finally have Luke off the show. I hope he watches the season back again and gets some personal insight.

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