While most of us are thinking about what to get our moms/wives/partners/besties for Mother’s Day, here’s a chance to help a new mom in need. The The International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian relief group, is featuring a “Rescue Gift” on its site in honor of Mother’s Day.

It’s a baby kit for mothers in places like Zimbabwe, who give birth at home and don’t go to a clinic because they’re embarrassed that they can’t afford baby clothing. Not getting medical care puts them and their infants at risk, but the Baby Kits can help. They’re filled with clothing, baby soap, diapers, and other necessities and when these moms get the kits, they’re more likely to come to the medical centers to give birth, which is safer.

A $63 donation provides three Baby Kits to women who need them. These kits help make sure more moms will have a safe and healthy birth for their baby along with the essentials they’ll need for their newborn. And from now until Mother’s Day, Airbnb will match all Rescue Gift donations, up to $500,000, so even more moms can get a Baby Kit.


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