If you want to do something nice for yourself or others this year, consider checking out this list.

1. Hit the “mute” button on people on social media that you just cannot deal with. You don’t need to sever ties with that person in real life, and they’ll never know you muted them.

2. Instead of buying that expensive top you thought you wanted, take that money and spend it on an experience with friends or family instead. The memories will last longer than the shirt.

3. Try doing something midweek during the work-grind instead of wishing for the weekends. That’ll give you something to look forward to, then spend your weekends how you’d like, perhaps with some well deserved “me time.”

4. It may seem a little old school, but write out and send thank you cards or flowers to those who have really helped you. The sentiment goes well-beyond what a text or call could ever do.
Have you done anything new or nice for yourself or a friend lately? What is one thing you will you do differently this year?

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