There’s a life lesson to be learned here. You never know what’s hiding under that giant pile of snow. There’s also a second one that should be taken to heart: Karma is real.
After a snowstorm hit Petersburg, Kentucky, Cody Lutz and his fiancé decided to do the cute couple thing and build a snowman. Using a tree stump for a base, Frosty rose to 10-feet tall with his top hat.
Of course, the sculpture attracted up-to-no-good vandals, who tried to take the snowman out by driving a car through the installment.
Lutz calls it “Instant Karma!” after finding tire tracks on the lawn and the imprint of a bumper in the stump, joking, “‘You reap what you sow!’ Still standing, and still smiling, Frosty certainly had the last laugh!”
What is a good example of Karma coming back to bite someone? Do these stories remind you to act better?

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