Kelly Clarkson hosted Simon, Paula and Randy on her talk show yesterday for a reunion (Justin Guarini even made an appearance!) and they talked about how American Idol got started and that Simon was convinced it was never going to fly! But what was really funny was that there was a game the judges played no one knew about! Simon would give Randy and Paula a random word to work into their critiques and if they did it they could use his credit card on Rodeo Drive for 10 minutes! They also revealed that at the end of the show Simon would whisper nonsensical things in Paula’s ear to try to get her to say them during the credits! Seeing the 3 of them together was pretty funny and they all said if they got the opportunity they would work together again in a heartbeat! If you caught the results show for AGT last night all the finalists performed. When Light Balance Kids finished their performance one of the dancers took off their mask and it was Paula Abdul! She totally stunned Simon!

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