Binge watching Parks and Rec on Netflix is the Kryptonite of a bad day! I know when I’ve had an absolute trash day, I can put on the “Li’l Sebastian” episode and eat 3 bowls of cereal to be completely relaxed again! If this sounds like you as well, we may want to take a week to watch it, because it will be leaving Netflix soon.

Parks and Rec, alongside other NBC favorites, will soon move to NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. The streaming platform is set to launch April 2020, but Parks and Rec and The Office will not be available at launch. Parks and Rec is speculated to leave streaming services around October next year. Other shows that will be moving to NBC’s streaming service include 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Frasier, and SNL. Good news, you still have probably a year or so before they are shifted to the new service. Just keep in mind to watch them on Netflix and Hulu while you can.

What’s your favorite episode of Parks and Rec? Do you have a favorite NBC show that you anticipate moving?

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