There’s a lot of excitement in meeting someone famous while just out and about! Now different celebrities react differently to fans in their day to day business of course, so it depends on that. It makes you crack a big ol’ smile, though, when you run into one who’s jovial when being greeted by fans! My friend growing up ran into Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at McDonald’s in Hawaii, and it was a prized moment in his life. They took a picture, and it still hangs on his bathroom wall. Like finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild, it’s a glorious moment, and this example is exactly that!

The Pour House in Boston received a visit from an uber star on Tuesday night. The bar owner posted a picture of Rihanna during her visit to the bar, “Second day in a row, Rihanna visited us @thepourhouseboston Why? She loves the wings. That’s why,” the owner captioned the picture. In the picture, she can be seen posing with her new friends from the pub! Nobody is sure why Rihanna is in Boston but we’re sure it’s more than the wings that have brought her to Beantown.

What city do you think has the best food?

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