School calls cops after teacher spots BB gun during virtual class

A Baltimore County school, who called the cops on a student after a teacher noticed a properly stored BB gun in his bedroom during virtual class, has sparked debate over violations of privacy.
It happened in June. Mom and Navy veteran Courtney Lancaster told Fox News 45, “I had no idea what in the world could this be over?” as police showed up at her door. “How many 11-year-old boys have BB guns?”
Still, she allowed police in without a warrant. Her son hadn’t brandished the gun. He hadn’t even realized it was in the camera frame. And, while police found nothing illegal, Lancaster feels violated and left wondering – who else could be on these virtual classes, looking into children’s bedrooms and taking screenshots?
She contends the entire situation could have been resolved with a phone call to her instead of to the police. However, the school’s position is that student safety is their top priority, whether in the classroom or virtually. Lancaster says the principal told her having the gun in a virtual class is the same as bringing it to school.
Did the teacher and school overstep? Should they be charged with a crime, trespassing, peeping tom? Did the school simply err on the side of caution? Should students be allowed to black out their screens while in virtual class?