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Social Media Takes Down Viral Video Making False Coronavirus Claims

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A video from right-wing outlet Breitbart sharing false info on Coronavirus was pulled from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter but not before it had been viewed around 20 million times. The video featured doctors and some from the anti-vaxxers movement claiming that hydroxychloroquine “cured COVID-19” and that Americans “don’t need to wear a mask”, contradicting advice from the FDA and public health officials.  The White House administration had shared the video to around 84 million followers before it was removed on Monday.  The leader of the lab coat-wearing group called “America’s Frontline Doctors” is Dr. Simone Gold, who allegedly is a White House administration supporter who has gone on some conservative radio stations to advocated for hydroxychloroquine as a COVID cure.  The FDA has already released a statement saying that the anti-malaria drug “is unlikely to be effective” against COVID-19. Why would the White House administration share a video that contradicted their guidelines?   Should Breitbart be held criminally accountable for misleading the public on COVID-19?

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