Solar Eclipse In Stark County

The total solar eclipse happening on April 8th, 2024 promises to be a special experience, where people will be able to witness the moon pass directly in front of the sun from their own front yards. The best places in Stark County to watch the solar eclipse will be in the path of totality and for the most part, you’ll need to be in the northern and western parts of the county to be in that coverage path.

What is the path of totality?

The path of totality represents the area where the sun will be covered 100 percent by the moon. The deeper into the path of totality you are, the longer 100 percent coverage time you’ll witness.

Is 100 percent coverage that much different that 99 percent coverage?

Yes! According to author Bryan Brewer, being in the 120 mile path of totality it paramount to getting the full experience of the eclipse. In his book, ECLIPSE: Experience Awe in the Path of Totality.

99% is not good enough. If you get in the path—and are fortunate enough to have clear skies—you will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. It’s worth doing the research and planning to get the most out of what could be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Where is the path of totality in Stark County?

Starting in the Southwest corner of Stark County, you’d want to be north of Brewster to be in the path of totality. The path starts just south of 241 and runs parallel with it through Massillon. Paul Brown Tiger Stadium lies just south of the line and it’s worth noting how Target  is in the path, while the GetGo in the same plaza isn’t. The path continues moving to the northeast, leaving Perry on the outside but covering the entirety of Belden Village. North Canton is fully in the path as are Hartville, Middlebranch, Marlboro Township and Limaville.

Where are events in Stark County?

Canal Fulton – Towpath to Totality – A collaboration between Canal Fulton and Stark Parks, Towpath to Totality will take place at St. Helena Heritage Park from 10am to 4pm. Eclipse movement is expected between 1:58pm with totality expected at 3:14pm. Glasses will be available while supplies last and admission is free.

Canal Fulton – Eclipse Fest – Sluggers and Putters is giving families the chance to make a whole day of fun out of the eclipse. They have an all inclusive package which will give guests a prime viewing spot, glasses and an unlimited pass to Adventure Mini Golf, Ole Skool Mini Golf, F-22 Raptor Go Karts, Jr Racers, Battle Creek Ohio Outdoor Laser Tag, Dodge Em Bumper Cars, Tea Cups, Professor Marvels Ferris Wheel, Space Jets El Paso Express Train.

Hartville – Total Eclipse of the Hart(Ville) – The Hartville MarketPlace & Flea Market will have a DJ playing music, activities and other family friendly fun all day. They encourage guests to arrive early and to stay late to avoid traffic and to get the most out of their visit. The path of totality will be from 3:14pm to 3:16pm.

North Canton – Total Eclipse of the Sun – Maps Air Museum will welcome guests on April 8th. Along with a guaranteed parking space and admission to their impressive museum, carloads of people will be able to attend for $40. Lunch will also be available for purchase.

North Canton – Walsh University Solar Eclipse Fest – Free and open to the public, Walsh will have Dr. Neil Walsh The Science Guy will be attendance as will food trucks and family friendly activities.

Events outside the path of totality:

Canton – Solar Eclipse Watch Party at the Stark County Fairgrounds – Fair food and rides will be up and running for the eclipse. Camping is available for $50 per day.

Canton – Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Centennial Plaza – Going down from 2 to 4, downtown Canton’s Centennial Plaza will host Cantonians as the moon covers the sun.


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