A game for kids called “Cut the Wire” where kids were supposed to defuse a plastic, pretend bomb has some parents pretty ticked off. The controversial toy, which has players using toy wire cutters to defuse a toy bomb shaped like sticks of dynamite, sounds an alarm, lights up and vibrates to simulate an explosion if they cut the wrong wire.

Walmart has stopped selling the game and a spokeswoman for the retailer says they appreciated “the concerns that have been raised regarding this item.” And a spokeswoman for Target says they pulled “Cut the Wire” from their shelves last fall. But if you want to get one, the game is still available on Amazon.

Cut the Wire is manufactured by YULU, which claims it originally thought the game would let kids see themselves as heroes, but they stopped making it back in October. Company president Jochem van Rijn says, “We’re very sorry for any concern the game may have caused” and they’re no longer shipping them to the U.S., but it’s unclear if YULU plans to keep selling the toy in other places.

Source: nypost.com

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