Super Bowl Party Tips

When the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers on February 11th, Super Bowl 58 is going to have America partying. And we’ve got our list of Super Bowl Party Tips to help make sure that you have the best Super Bowl party ever. Featuring Taylor Swift and a football game, Super Bowl parties are  a huge deal, with over 20 million Americans headed to one. And whether you’re hosting or attending, our list of Super Bowl Party Tips can help make sure you have a good time.


By far and away the most important part of a Super Bowl party, the food has to be good. As menus start to develop, it’s important to stick to tried and true classics. Now isn’t the time for a reimagined fusion dish with a fromage reduction sauce. It’s time for nacho cheese and buffalo chicken dip and pizza and wings and guacamole and chili. Don’t try to make anything healthy either. This isn’t that kind of party.

Photo: Alpha Media/Jesse Naul

Don’t be afraid of themes though. Not everything on the table has to be shaped like a football, but some stuff should be. Also, both San Francisco and Kansas City are great food markets, so don’t be afraid to lean into it. Kansas City BBQ and Rice-A-Roni on the table make perfect sense.

Since we are talking about food, it’s a good time to remind you that food safety still matters on Super Bowl Sunday. Since the food is likely to be out for a few hours, make sure you’re taking precautions to ensure that hot food stays hot and cold food stays cold. A food thermometer would make the job easier.


Another one of America’s bonus drinking holidays, Super Bowl Sunday is big for beer. As a matter of fact, over the course of the game, Americans drink 493 Olympic sized pools worth of it, so make sure you have some in the fridge. Not that the host has to provide drinks for everyone, but having a case of cold ones is a good idea.

Along with beer, you might want to consider some other canned options, like cocktails, seltzers or ciders. What you probably want to stay away from is drinks that you have to make. Nobody is trying to make a drink while the action is happening and a blender running for frozen margs is a terrible idea.

Load up on non-alcoholic options too. Most people have to work the next morning and last call at half time isn’t a terrible idea.


Obviously, the game is a big part of the party. You’re going to want to make sure that your TV and audio capabilities match the moment. Keep in mind that you’re going to have people talking and sitting all over the living room, so making sure your TV is big enough to be seen from all angles and speakers are loud enough is essential. If they aren’t, it’s either time to upgrade or reconsider the size of your guest list.

You also want to consider the importance of the game to the party. Some people are super fans of the teams or just of football in general and they probably aren’t going to want a bunch of talking and distractions going on. Other people aren’t going to be sure of the two teams playing and are going to want to have fun. Considering your guests, think about how your party will go and trying to find a balance where everyone can have fun.

Photo: Alpha Media/Jesse Naul


This isn’t just any football game and this isn’t just any party. It’s a Super Bowl Party and that fact should be clear. I’m not saying that everything has to be football themed, but some stuff should be. Lean into the day. Grab the green table cloth and make the table look like a field. Cut those Rice Krispy treats into football shapes. Play the NFL Films music as guests arrive.

Another thing you can do to build vibes at your Super Bowl Party is to incorporate other games. Have a Squares board and give guests numbers that they can win with. Find out some of the prop bets and poll your guests as they arrive.  Create a Super Bowl Bingo game. Unless you have a party that is heavily invested in the actual football game, these things will give your party the chance to be invested in a game that might be a stinker or feature two teams they don’t care about.

You want to make sure the party is appropriately sized too. Consider your seating options, where people can reasonably see from and don’t try to over do it with shoving people in. Also, think about how long the game is and whether people are going to be comfortable for 4 hours. Yeah, you’ve got 6 folding chairs, but are you going to want to sit on them for the whole game?


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