The Most Common Fast Food Restaurant in Ohio

It seems like no matter where you are in Ohio, you’re not too far away from fast food. Whether you’re in one of the big cities or one of the small towns, the convenience and familiar taste make fast food an option many people take advantage of. While there are plenty of options available to people, the most common fast food restaurant in Ohio might surprise you.

If you would have asked me, I would have had McDonald’s in the number one spot, but I’m wrong. The most common fast food restaurant sign in Ohio isn’t the “Golden Arches”, it’s yellow and green.

5. Burger King – 335 Restaurants

4. Taco Bell – 396 Restaurants

3. Wendy’s – 400 Restaurants

2. McDonald’s – 616 Restaurants

1. Subway – 950 Restaurants

Subway is pretty common, so I guess I’m not shocked to see it at number one, but I am surprised how much larger it’s foot print is over McDonald’s. Granted, Subway probably has more flexibility in store locations vs. some of the other brands, but having a 300+ store lead over Ronald, Grimace and the Hamburgler had me surprised. Subway is undergoing major renovations as a brand, which will include slicing meats in front of the customer. We’ll see if those changes add to Subway’s domination of the Buckeye State.

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