We can understand couples wanting a prenup before getting hitched when they have a lot of assets to protect, but sometimes such legal documents can show you how truly awful the person your about to marry really is. And that certainly seems to be the case with one such bride-to-be who took to Reddit to complain about the clauses her man has included in their pre-nup.

The woman writes that she wasn’t “surprised” when her fiancé asked for a prenup because he was a successful neurosurgeon. In fact she says she was “all for” prenups, until she sat down with her hubby-to-be’s father, who is also a lawyer, to hash out the details.

Seems the gal’s fiancé added some “odd clauses” to the prenup, including an infidelity clause, in which she’d get nothing if she cheats, as well as a shocking one about baby weight. She explains that the clause said, “I have to lose any weight I gain after child birth, at least 30lbs of it in the first year following childbirth.” What’s more, if she were to only gain 25 pounds, she would still have to lose 30. There was even a clause that gave her a certain amount of money for every child they have.

She asked folks on Reddit whether these clauses were legal and she got a variety of answers, with many suggesting she hire her own lawyer. “You should consult your own lawyer,” one wrote, “But that weight-loss clause sure sets off alarm bells.” Many folks also gave her relationship advice, like to not marry the guy, but those posts were later removed from Reddit.
In the end that gal thanked everyone for their advice, adding, “I have decided to hire an attorney of my own and negotiate the prenup, some of the clauses are too beneficial to one party and would not be enforceable in court, so the clauses such as the infidelity and weight loss ones are going to have to go both ways.”

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