Hurricane Dorian has just finished cutting through the Bahamas. The devastation paints a bleak picture, but it’s always good to also gather inspiration from the people trying to help where they can. That’s exactly what we can find with Chella Phillips, a local of the city of Nassau.

Chella runs a local animal shelter regularly, and during the hurricane, you could tell she has a fierce dedication to animals. She had turned her home into a shelter for just under 100 rescue dogs while the hurricane was outside causing destruction. Sheltering just over 80% of them in her bedroom, cleaning up after them was definitely a task. She did note, though, that they were good about staying put and not getting in her personal spaces. She played music for them and had the AC going to keep them cool during the storm. They definitely seemed to appreciate her efforts!

Does her love for her four-legged friends resonate with you? If it does and you want to do your part in helping, you can donate at places such as,, or!

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