Canton, Ohio Pronunciation Law Proposed

A new proposed law in Canton will have citizens take a “re-pronunciation class” or face considerable penalties. This all has to do with the Hall of Fame City’s desire to become a tourist destination and the concern that potential visitors are becoming confused about what city they are in. As visitors stop at eateries, refueling stations and tourist traps, locals greet them, “Welcome to Can’t-Inn.” which often leaves the visitors confused. 

The tourists wonder “Where is Can’t-Inn, Ohio? I thought I was in Can- Ton, Ohio”.

This confusion often causes visitors to immediately depart town and to give all local businesses 0 star reviews across all platforms. It’s been estimated that this confusion costs the city at least a billion dollars worth of lost tourist revenue every year. In an effort to fix the problem, the Hall of Fame city has rolled out it’s “Say The Actual Right Can-Ton(S.T.A.R.C) Program”. Citizens in Can-Ton have until Hall of Fame Weekend to enroll in and complete this online course. Citizens will read in front of the class, say the Can-Ton Pledge of Allegiance in public and pay the $199 course fee. Anyone using the incorrect pronunciation during or after Hall of Fame Weekend will face stiff penalties.

Source: The News

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