Don’t get freaked out, but Mix 94-1 may literally be haunted

So… Is Mix 94-1 haunted?

Our friend, psychic medium, Laura Lyn is here to help us find out.

Laura’s first time at our offices and studios here in Downtown Canton was about eight years ago. She was doing a story with our sister station, News-Talk 1480 WHBC.

While she was here, Laura encountered something strange in the hallway pictured below.

It wasn’t just a “feeling”. Laura gets those often. This time, it was different. An actual sight of something. Someone?

Specifically, the figure the back of a man’s head. The man appeared to be dressed professionally; decked-out in 1940s or 50s-era “news” or “salesman” type fashion. Wearing an old school porkpie hat.

He appeared to be walking down the hall in a brisk manner; as if he was on a mission.

Someone with a purpose, a strong work ethic. Someone with history in our building.

The Mix 94-1/WHBC studios have been housed in the same building located here at 550 Market Ave South since the mid-1930s.

The exterior and, much of the interior, would look much like how it looks present-day.

WHBC-AM is the oldest radio station in Canton. The station was first licensed to broadcast, March 9, 1925.

In 1936, the station was sold to the same company as Canton’s local newspaper, The Repository.

Ownership has changed a few times over the years.

Dozens, if not hundreds of employees have passed through these halls. Many of them, no longer with us.

Could it be that some of them are… still here??? Let’s try & find out. 

First off – let’s talk with Laura.

So, here we are in the Mix 94-1, WHBC hallway. Or at least one of them.

This is the hallway where the “experiences” happened.

Yes- Experiences, plural.

In fact, there have been three stories in the same exact hallway, all with striking and eerie similarities.

Like our Chief Engineer, Dale Lamm; a self-proclaimed skeptic. He also encountered… a man.

Take a listen.

While in the hallway, Laura took out her “dowsing rods”, which help her hone in on “sprit activity.”

Here’s some video from the hallway. It’s filmed vertically because, well… It’s a hallway.

From there, we trekked down to the Mix 94-1/WHBC basement.

It’s not as creepy as it sounds.

Our sales department is there, plus some storage rooms, a production studio and a good ol’ fashioned nuclear fallout shelter.

However, some have described a “strange energy” in this particular room.

We started our recorder and had Laura observe the energy in this basement-level room.

Here’s what happened.

Sue Motts is one of our Account Executives here at Mix 94-1/WHBC.

Sue’s had history working here dating back to 1979.

She, too, experienced “A Man” in the upstairs hallway. 

Shortly after we took the above photo, Sue & Laura had a rather strange, shared experience.

Laura also treated me to a psychic reading of my own. That was quite the treat.

Laura shared some interesting insights into my own personality, as well some predictions for things to come.

The biggest takeaway? My Father, who passed back in 2004, often joins me on my way into work.

I found that comforting. Thank you for that, Laura.

We really enjoyed our time with Laura. Everyone needs to check out her website,

We’d definitely love to have her back. Thanks again, Laura!