What would you do if you found out your child was being bullied?
It all started when 12-year-old Presleigh called for a ride home. She was being bullied, while walking home, by another classmate. A boy from her class was flicking ice cream at her. When she told him to stop he proceeded to make fun of her body, call her names, and throw small rocks at her. After receiving Presleigh’s phone call, James Olander Peace headed out to pick her up.

On his way to pick Presleigh up, Peace saw the bully. He got out of his car and confronted him for what he did to Presleigh. Peace claims that the boy admitted he had been, “bullying, messing with her and picking on her all day,” said Peace. Peace claims that the boy “kept running his mouth,” and that is when he slapped the boy across the face.

A surveillance camera caught the altercation. It shows Peace yelling at the 12-year-old boy and then slapping him. Police say the boy had red marks and swelling on his cheek and upper jaw from the open-handed slap.

Peace says that he knows his emotions got the better of him in the situation. He is being charged with felony injury to a child

SOURCE: fox8.com

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