Back in 2003, I was working at 103.5 Kiss FM in Chicago. I hosted a night show called “The Rubber Room”.

One of the guys on my show, Joey T, was on this ABC Family reality show called Switched Up! (the “grown up” version of ABC Family’s Switched). The premise is two people from two different lifestyles “switch” places.

Here’s a promo for different episode.

Our boy Joe traded spots with a firefighter from Las Vegas named, Travis. Joe did manual labor exercises in excruciating heat. Meanwhile, Travis The Firefighter got to come play “Beat The Kiss FM Geeks” with us. A feature we totally ripped off from this short-lived early 2000s Comedy Central game show.

Joey was our “Movie Geek”, so we put Travis to the challenge for the night. Listeners called in with movie questions for Travis. For every question he got wrong… WE had to give up a prize.

As evidenced by the video below, it did not go too well for Travis.

It’s a quickie clip. Mostly me yelling and looking like a scruffy Chubsy Ubsy, rockin’ Del Amitri wannabe sideburns.

Okay. Enuff Z’nuff yappin’. Here ’tis.

Shot at the Kiss FM Studios at 233 N. Michigan Ave, Downtown Chicago, Fall 2003

Shout out to Joey T, J Dogg, Silly Jilly, Camps, Paul Frede and everyone else.

By the way… Anyone ever heard from Travis?

(Photo: YouTube / JavaJoelRadio)

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