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This Toddler Has Quite the Dramatic Streak

Hmmmm, think this little guy might have an acting future?

Police Freak Out When Squirrel Tries to Get Into the Station

The McHenry Police Department in Illinois had an unwanted visitor…a squirrel! The officers were panicked thinking the…

Bride Ejects Guests Who Brought Kids to Wedding

She says the infant was fussy during the ceremony and the toddler was screaming at the reception…

Spectrum Takes Fox 8 Off the Air

Did you see this last night?

Man Hits McDonald’s Employee Over a Straw

He spent New Year's Day in jail.

Who Would Ride a Bike Rigged with Fireworks???

This happened in Italy this week.

Students in China Wear Uniforms With Trackers

Not only do they have trackers but they have facial recognition so you can't give your uniform…

Texas Longhorn Charges Georgia Bulldog

Well, this certainly set the tone for the game!

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