In the band I play in, we always keep a lookout for what vegetarian/vegan places are around the area! This is because after gigs, we all have a bit of difficulty finding vegan friendly menus. While Akron has a lot of wonderful restaurants that are accessible for vegans/vegetarians, they’re often closed after our shows end. This makes it difficult to find a good place to replenish after hours of setting up and playing. Due to this, whenever I see that more plant-based options are being provided anywhere, it puts me at ease knowing my friends have more options from which to choose! Disney’s choice to open up their menu is a gasp of relief for my friends!

Disney announced on Tuesday it’s adding 400 plant-based menu options to its menus at its U.S. theme parks. The additions represent quite an undertaking for the House of Mouse. The parks boast approximately 600 restaurants and concession stands between Disneyland and Disney World. Among the new dishes will be the “Star Wars”-inspired Tatooine Two Suns Hummus and the “Beauty and the Beast”-branded Le Fou Festin. Other selections will include Carrot Gnocchi, Cauliflower Tacos, Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu and Eggless Florentine. The meat-free meals will arrive at Orlando’s Disney World in early October and Anneheim’s Disneyland next spring.

Does the word “plant” sound appetizing to you? Are you excited about these menu items?

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