(WHBC) – The Fire & Ice Tower at Canton First Friday was a big hit with the large crowd that gathered around it.

Kids were sitting atop their dad’s shoulders and everybody it seemed was taking video and pictures of the burning structure.

“If it falls over, then the fire won, but if it doesn’t, that means the ice won,” one of the organizers told a person in the crowd who asked how you determine who won, the fire or the ice.

After the 30 minutes allotted for the spectacle, an organizer tossed a big brick of ice through the side of it and it came tumbling down as the crowd cheered.

So, this round went to the ice, but there’s always next year.

People enjoying First Friday were treated to numerous ice carvings around the arts and music district, and had the chance to watch artists work.

A lot of people gathered around the Fire & Ice Tower at Canton First Friday as the tower went through its lifespan in about 30 minutes. Organizers say the ice won, because the tower didn’t collapse. Very cool! ArtsinStark

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