Sarah Quinn here.  If you have listened to me on air, you know that I’m very passionate about video games, animals, and food.

But what you may not know, is I love love love fashion and expressing myself through my clothes, hair, and jewelry. Which brings me to my new blog: Quinn’s Colorful Looks! In my blog, I am going to share with you my journey of trying to practice self-love through self-expression. I’ve come to the realization that it is SO IMPORTANT to express yourself. Don’t keep your beautiful self bottled up from the world! Share who you are, in whatever way you feel comfortable. This blog is here to help you do just that. I’ll use my experiences of what have helped me be more… well me. I’ll share outfit ideas, fashion deals and steals, and jewelry finds and creations.

I’ve always joked that my clothes are my armor. But in many ways, they are! The first thing I notice about a person is how they carry themselves. How they wear what they wear.  In my experience it projects the way the see themselves, and how they fit into the world they live in. That’s why everything on my person is chosen for a reason, created for a reason.

Oh, have I mentioned I create my own jewelry?

It started with me buying a pair of tools to repair some cheap jewelry I  bought at Forever 21. Then I decided to try my hand at basic wire-wrapping and rosary beading. From there my love of creating jewelry and crafting grew into what I do today! Each piece I create has a special, sentimental meaning to me. I never sell my pieces. I either wear them myself, or gift them to someone. I can’t wait to share with you some of my creations, and give basic how-to’s and tutorials on how to create pieces yourself! What better way to show the world who you are by things you’ve created specially for you?

Which brings me to my last part: make-up and hair. Getting into skin care, hair care, and experimenting and trying new things when it comes to how I paint my face is something I am fairly new to. I have always been the girl that slaps on some foundation, basic eye shadow, throws my hair up in a pony tail and I’m out the door. But a couple months ago, someone near and dear to me gave me a make-up pallet. I thought it was silly. I would never get into spending THAT much time on what goes onto my face. But one day, when I was feeling somewhat sad and worn out, I experimented with a couple colors on the pallet. I made this really beautiful blue-green-gold combination that made my eyes POP. I immediately felt better about myself and… pretty. I started practicing self-care, and doing little things to make myself feel “pretty.” And it helped! Not only did I feel I started to grow more into the “me” I’ve always wanted to be, but I started to feel better. And, it became FUN to see all the different color combinations I could come up with, and tie my outfits into it. I started experimenting with my hair. I mean, I dyed my hair pink! That was a big deal for me. I had NEVER done a “fun” color before. Had always been too nervous to do so. What if I mess up the color? Or what if people judge me or I look bad? But it was so FREEING to finally do it: not being scared of the potential failure of my hair color, not concerning myself of what other’s opinions of me was. I decided to try something new and different for myself. And it was fun! Doing different ornate looking braids that before, I thought there was no way I could ever create such cool hair-do’s. But I taught myself, and it gave me self-confidence! It showed me I can do and learn new things to show the world who I really am.

So, I hope you will join me on this road of self-discovery, self-expression, and maybe find out something that resonates with you along the way.



Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are. 

Quentin Crisp


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