It’s all fun and games when it comes to putting up the Christmas tree, with the kids helping and everyone happy to decorate because they’re filled with holiday cheer. But when it comes to taking the thing down in January, no one’s lining up to help. Getting all the decorations down is bad enough, but taking each individual ornament off and wrapping it up to store for 11 months is a total pain.

But one mom has come up with a way to avoid that set up/take down nonsense year after year and it’s so smart, you’ll want to steal her idea. Renae Krivitz, a mom of two from Minnesota, says she was tired of how much work it is to drag out her artificial Christmas tree, fluff up each branch, and hang all the ornaments on it, then do the whole thing in reverse a few weeks later. She says she wished she could just put it away as is, so this year, she did.

Krivitz remembered she had a giant roll of plastic wrap the builders left behind at her house and she finally figured out how to put it to good use. She wrapped her Christmas tree – fully decorated and fluffed – in plastic and stored it just like that for next year. Now when the holidays roll around again, she only has to unwrap it and she’s good to go. It’s so simple and so smart and makes us really want an artificial tree so we can steal her idea.

Source: Scary Mommy

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