Americans spend a lot of time in their cars so it’s important that they like their vehicle, and according to a new poll, most people have a very strong connection to their ride.

The survey finds that Americans spend about eight hours and 22 minutes in their car every week, so it’s completely understandable that their vehicle is a pretty important part of their lives. In fact, the bond is so strong, that 64% of folks consider their vehicle a friend.

And like you would any friend, nobody wants to see their car get hurt, with a third of Americans saying they’d rather get a scratch on themselves than their vehicle, while 15% would rather suffer a broken bone than have their car break down. But that’s not all. Another 21% of people say they’d prefer spending a day in jail than see their car get totaled, while 13% of folks would breakup with their partner before getting rid of their vehicle.

People are so close to their cars that 44% admit to naming their vehicle, with some examples of names being “The Great Pumpkin,” “Mr. Toad” and “Carmen Elantra.” And when it’s time to get rid of a vehicle people have some strong reactions, with 45% of people saying they’ve actually cried.

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