Do you say “yes” to everything? Well if your ready to start saying “no” and stop being a people-pleaser than here’s what you need to know.

According to clinical psychologist, Andrea Bonior women over men have a hard time saying “no” and with people being more socially anxious and not interacting with each other in person, it makes it easier to say “no” over text or email.

So how do you get good at saying “no”? Bonior suggests practicing saying “no” if someone emails you about volunteering for something, instead of ignoring it, respond with “no” instead.

How do you feel when you say “yes” to something, does it make you feel left out or afraid people won’t like you if you say no? Remember to think before you speak, don’t blurt out “yes”, be sure first to take a few minutes to contemplate your answer, this will also help you get used to the awkward silence that follows the question.

Stick to your gut, you don’t have to give reasons for your “no” this can give people a way to turn your “no” into a “yes.” Finally, saying “yes” to everything can put too much on your plate and saying “no” can help you prioritize what you’ve agreed to do.

What makes it easier for you to say “no”?

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