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McDonald’s Debuts Burger Scented Candle Set

If you want your home to smell like a quarter pounder, McDonald’s has just the thing for…

McDonald’s Bringing Another St. Patrick’s Day Treat

We’re getting a late Valentine’s Day present in the form of the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry!

McDonald’s To Begin Selling Holiday Sweaters And A Big Mac Bag In New Clothing Line

When french fries are life, sometimes you have to do more than just tell people, “I’m lovin’…

10 Year Old Girl Steals Mom’s Car To Get McDonalds

A Kansas city girl just couldn’t wait to go to McDonald’s for breakfast. So she thought it…

Petition Asks McDonald’s And Burger King To Eliminate Plastic Toys From Kids Menu

  Fast food dining could be a different experience for children if the 332,000 undersigners of a…

Man Hits McDonald’s Employee Over a Straw

He spent New Year's Day in jail.

Florida Man Attacks McDonalds Employee Over Straws

Florida recently passed a law that restaurants could no longer have plastic straws available at the condiment…

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