A Texas teacher who chopped off her waist-length hair to support a young girl who was getting bullied at school is being called a hero by the student.
Shannon Grimm said that she noticed that one of her students, a five-year-old girl named Priscilla, was being teased for having short hair. Priscilla even started wearing a hat to school so other students wouldn’t tease her and continue to call her a boy. Priscilla said that she would cry and think that school wasn’t fun.
Ms. Grimm decided to cut her hair into a pixie cut to show support to Priscilla. She even bought matching bows that they could both wear in the hair at school. Priscilla presented Ms. Grimm with a “hero award” at school to show her appreciation.
Ms. Grimm said she doesn’t want any of her students to avoid school “because of the way people look at them.” She said, “I want them to come to school and love being at school.”

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