Xavier’s Fight Update From Jordan Miller

Xavier’s Fight with neuroblastoma was diagnosed on Christmas Day and since then, his dad Jordan Miller, from our station, 1480 WHBC and Jordan Miller News has been by his side. Alongside his wife Makaela, Jordan has shared Xavier’s journey in hopes to raise awareness of pediatric cancer and to give insight and perspective on what a family goes through in these unbelievably difficult circumstances.

Some things worth noting since the last time he joined Mix Mornings with Matt Fantone.

  • Xavier is in round 2 of chemo. The day was long but he did well and continues to be the adorable little guy that he is. His appetite has been negatively impacted.
  • Testing continues over the next few weeks
  • Genetic results have been promising
  • While the hope for full remission is still in play, the hope at minimum is shrinkage of the tumor within a few weeks time, which would give doctors the option of surgical removal.
  • The support of the community is appreciated and humbling for the Miller family. Shirts are still available at The Lion’s Den.
Listen to the entire interview below:

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