At this point the death toll in the Bahamas is standing at 50, however, there are 2500 people reported missing at this time so they are expecting that number to rise significantly. This video really shows you the state of the island. I think the image that really shocked me was the house that had the second story blown off the first story and ended up on its roof next to the rest of the house. I pray no one was on the second floor when it happened. The residents of Abaco Island are waiting for planes to take them someplace else and, as you can see by the video, there are a lot of people waiting at the runway. I can’t even say they’re waiting at the airport because there doesn’t seem to be an airport left, just a runway. There are a couple of ways you can help these people. First of all you can click here and donate. Another way you can help is to go on vacation in the Bahamas. Yes the northern islands were hit by the hurricane but the southern end was relatively unscathed and 60% of the GDP of the Bahamas comes from tourism. There are 5 airports open in the south and there are ferries that can take you between islands. Travel Agents can tell you what resorts are open.

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