Update on Xavier’s Fight with Jordan Miller

Just about two months ago, Jordan Miller and his family were rocked with the news that their son Xavier has pediatric cancer. In the time since then, Xavier’s Fight has waged on at Akron Children’s Hospital, where he continues to be treated for nueroblastoma. Today, February 9th, Jordan, Makaela and Xavier are hoping for good news as they await testing results. In another update for the listening audience, Jordan came in and shared how things are going.

Some things that stood out from our conversation:

Xavier has started to lose hair and continues to struggle with appetite.

Xavier continues to develop normally. He’s climbing stairs, crawling around and just as cute and loving as he ever was.

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The Miller family is looking at 3 possibilities. In the best case, Xavier is looking at full remission. The worst case, there is no shrinkage of the tumor, which means Xavier will be back for more chemo. In between those two is tumor shrinkage, which would give the medical team options.

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